Start eliminating fraud in minutes by identifying digitally edited photos (e.g., photoshoped), videos, and PDF files. Verifeyed also enables to pinpoint the exact device that created them.

Whether you know anything about detecting doctored digital images or not, Verifeyed Professional Edition, with its state-of-the-art image analysis technology, will turn you into a top-level image forensics expert with one click of the mouse. Verifeyed is a patent-pending technology that detects digital image manipulation with one click, and no need for metadata, or watermarks.

  • Detects digitally edited photos, videos, and PDF files
  • Identifies the precise camera, mobile phone or camcorder that created the original image.
  • Highlights suspicious (modified) parts in images and videos


Request an evaluation copy of Verifeyed with our Sales Representative at and provide us your full name as well as your company name.

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