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Cybersecurity Product


For Software Training /Product Purchase enquiries:

For enquiries relating to software training or purchase of the following product, please contact our Sales Representative at solution@nexiats.com.sg and provide us with your full name as well as your company name.

Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) has their own dedicated Security Operation Centre team providing 24/7 active monitoring of endpoints, as well as proprietary in-house developed applications for raising company’s awareness on business email compromise.


SAGE (Next generation Security Operation Centre)

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring: SAGE analysts would perform round the clock pro-active monitoring on your endpoints, ensuring that all our customer’s security agents deployed to their organization’s endpoints and servers are actively supervised.
  • Response and remediation: SAGE analysts would perform the monitoring analysis, responding and remediation actions on alerts generated by the security agent.
  • Isolation: SAGE analysts are able to isolate the endpoints, thus preventing malicious content from spreading across the network, and the isolation can be done without disruptions to the customer’s business continuity.
  • Reporting: For further in-depth analysis, SAGE analysts can perform data acquisition to further investigate the security incident to provide the most detailed reports to you. CSI understands that it is pivotal to react to security incidents. Therefore, SAGE would inform our customers should need be on critical incidents that have been observed. Furthermore, SAGE would send a monthly report to our customers, summarizing the threats found within their organization, thus enabling upper management to make quick and accurate decisions to manage their organization.


Phisherman Alert! (Business Email Compromise (BEC) Awareness)

Phisherman Alert! is an in house proprietary application developed by CSI to help businesses better deal with Business Email Compromise (BEC). A BEC is an exploitation by an attacker through impersonating the owner of a corporate email account to defraud the company, its employees, customers or partners of money.

  • Training platform: Aimed at creating awareness for businesses on BEC. These exercises conducted through Phisherman Alert! would enable users to experience first-hand a realistic spear phishing email aimed at divulging confidential information from unsuspecting employees.
  • Customization: This exercise is customized in accordance to your requirement and purpose.
  • Reporting: At the end of the exercise, you would be presented with a report on our findings of the potential indicators of threats found.



Receive Your Evaluation Copy

To receive your evaluation copy of the above software, please contact our Sales Representative at solution@nexiats.com.sg and provide us your full name as well as your company name.


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