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Businesses are expanding into international markets to generate potential revenue. At the same time, countries around the world have been adapting their tax policies and rules to ensure that global businesses pay their fair share of taxes. As a result, businesses often have to contend with a myriad of complex and unfamiliar tax regulations, therefore increasing their tax risks and costs. As international tax advisors, we add value to our clients by working with them to develop a global tax strategy, leading them through tax regulations as well as providing practical tax advice and solutions. With our knowledge and experience, we are well positioned to take care of your tax needs so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

  1. Tax advice and planning for inbound investments in structuring, financing, exploring tax incentives, repatriation of earnings and exit from investments
  2. Country-specific study for outbound investments on the suitability of jurisdictions with focus on tax aspects
  3. Group structure and business substance review, rationalisation and restructuring for tax efficiency
  4. Cross- border M&A in relation to pre-acquisition tax due diligence, planning and structuring advice and post-acquisition integration
  5. Tax advisory support for cross border transactions including:
    • Tax efficient structuring of transactions
    • Navigating permanent establishment issues
    • Withholding tax implications
    • Application of tax treaties
    • Review of contractual agreements


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