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NTSCollab is a lightweight whiteboard app that is designed for interactive real-time collaboration. When it comes to large-scale meetings or cosy discussion, it is essential to have a platform, like NTSCollab, that is clean, easy-to-use, interactive and has strong visualization tools.


Video Conferencing Tool with Interactive Whiteboard

  • Collaborate in real-time wherever you are and however you want – be it via a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Bring your video conference together with whiteboard feature.
  • Both the host and participants can annotate simultaneously on the same whiteboard and interact seamlessly.


Insert Photos/Images and PDF Files

  • Drag-and-drop image or photo and connect it to NTSCollab.
  • Upload PDF files and share presentation material.


Integrated Text Chat Messaging

  • Use of text chat when the meeting host is presenting.


Export Your Whiteboard as High-Resolution Image or PDF Post Discussion

  • Participants can export notes and what they see on the screen.


Classroom Mode with Video & Audio Capabilities for Smaller Group Discussion

  • Interact with your meeting participants in an intimate setting with all video and audio capabilities.


Lecture Mode

  • Host a large meeting with a big group of participants without them hearing each other’s voices but only the meeting host’s voice and screen.


Seamless to Join

  • Participants can join a meeting via their phones, computer or tablets by scanning a QR code.


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