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Financial Advisory, Insolvency and Restructuring Services

Today’s business environment is ever-changing. With incessant regulatory changes, dynamic market conditions and swift technological leaps, business enterprises, can sometimes without warning, find themselves in financial difficulties for a wide array of reasons. Fraudulent practices, corporate mismanagement, unfavourable market conditions, amongst many other factors, expose businesses to the risk of financial difficulties.

Financial Advisory, Insolvency and Restructuring

At Nexia TS, our experienced team provides a full suite of services ranging from financial restructuring to insolvency. With access to a global network of independent member firms, we can help our clients resolve issues that go beyond their shores.

Talk to us today – we are able and ready to help you address the issues immediately to prevent erosion of confidence in your company’s stakeholders, bankers, suppliers and customers.

Our areas of expertise:
• Cash flow analysis
• Financial review and restructuring
• Exit strategy and implementation
• Special and/or monitoring accountants
• Voluntary and compulsory liquidations
• Corporate and court receiverships
• Judicial management
• Lender’s agent
• Asset disposal management
• Corporate and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)/Schemes of arrangement
• Private Trustee in Bankruptcy

Forensic Accounting

The growing business complexities and breakneck speed of technological advancements in recent days have made business dealings and transactions even more unfathomable to the less sophisticated business community. The Nexia TS team of forensic accountants are equipped, trained and experienced to look beyond the numbers and deal with real issues, be it fraud, questionable transactions or financial misrepresentation. We are able to quickly help our clients manage risks, quantify financial impacts of disputes, support litigation and offer practical suggestions for dispute resolutions.

Our services include the following:

• Corporate investigation
• Regulatory-related reviews and investigation
• Anti-trust monitoring services
• Matrimonial disputes and funds tracing
• Estate asset tracing and compilation
• Internal controls and process reviews
• Quantification of losses
• Litigation support
• Expert witness


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Financial Advisory, Insolvency & Restructuring

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