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Embracing The Spac-Tacular Trend
Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) recent developments and how this affects accounting and valuation considerations.
Snapshot of M&A in Asia Pacific
The Asia Pacific markets are gaining back M&A activities and seeing more transactions as evidenced by both volume and transaction size registered in late 2020 and early 2021.
The Power of Digitalisation & Diversity in Professional Services Panel Discussion
If you look at the ratio of young people attending universities, there are almost equal number of males and females although there may be more women in the accounting faculty and m…
Deal or No Deal? Know What Your Are Paying For
Due Diligence Gives You Insights Into How A Business Is Doing.
Addressing Uncertainties In Goodwill Impairment Assessment
What are the cautionary measures to be exercised by management in their formulation of the goodwill impairment model?
SGX Introduced More Robust Disclosure Requirements
SGX RegCo has implemented a new risk-based approach to quarterly reporting to replace the current reporting requirement based on companies meeting a certain minimum market capitali…
Changes to SGX Voluntary Delisting Regime
SGX announced changes to two aspects of the voluntarily delisting regime for issuers listed on the SGX Mainboard and SGX Catalist
The IPO Endgame: What are the Considerations for Start-ups?
Double exposure of stock market in tablet with money and chart.
M&A Asia Outlook
M&A transaction for 2017 is expected to reach US$ 23.1 billion, up 26% from 2016’s US$ 18.3 billion
A Snapshot of Mid-market IPO Activity
This article is extracted from Global Insight - April 2017, Nexia International
Mergers And Acquisitions: Outlook in Asia
A Look at the Past Year
Defining Your Business Strategy
This article is authored by Grace Lui (Valuation and Transaction Services Director, Nexia TS)

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