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Future of Work - Towards A Sustainable Future
This article was first published on Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021
2021 ISCA Covid-19 Navigator
A Guide For Singapore Chartered Accountants
CEOs Today - Top Of The Minds
Nexia TS has invited the Chief Executive Officers and Chief Finance Officers to share their thoughts on the current pandemic, how it has affected business and their insights on wha…
The Challenges of Implementing IFRS 9
Under the new IFRS 9, credit loss is now based on an expected credit loss model instead of an incurred loss model.
Changes to SGX Voluntary Delisting Regime
SGX announced changes to two aspects of the voluntarily delisting regime for issuers listed on the SGX Mainboard and SGX Catalist
The IPO Endgame: What are the Considerations for Start-ups?
Double exposure of stock market in tablet with money and chart.
Business Transformation - On Course for Success
Business Transformation is the process of changing the systems, processes, people, technology and the mind set of all stakeholders.
IFRS 9 and Intercompany Loans
This article was first published in Nexia Global Insight, January 2019.
FRS 116 Leases – The Final Lap
IFRS116 Leases, which is set to replace its predecessor IAS 17 Leases, will radically alter how leases are accounted for
IFRS Link (Mar 2018)
The notes to IFRS consolidated financial statements prepared in the EU must contain disclosures on newly adopted standards and interpretations (IAS 8.28) as well as on standards an…
SG-IFRS: Much Ado About Convergence, or Convergence is Nothing?
IFRS convergence is not an upcoming concern but rather, a clear and present concern for business entities
IFRS Link (Oct 2017)
After the IASB and FASB originally commenced a joint comprehensive project on the Conceptual Framework in 2004, which was temporarily postponed, the IASB has continued to advance t…

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