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Nexia TS at the US Consulate Vietnam’s Annual Overseas Security Advisory Council Conference

Cybersecurity - Safeguard your assets

15 March 2018, Vietnam – In a collaborative effort with the US Consulate in Vietnam, Nexia TS’s Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory team was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Annual Conference organised by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) in Ho Chi Minh.

OSAC is a Federal Advisory Committee with a U.S. Government Charter to promote security cooperation between American business and private sector interests worldwide and their member organisations exchange views on variety of security concerns, including crime, terrorism, contingency planning, and information security.

With the rise of cyber incidents being reported globally, businesses face threats to their information systems and data that can cause major financial and reputational damages. Therefore, the prevention of cyberattacks looms large in a hyper-connected world of increasing dependence on digital technology that compromises cybersecurity.

On this note, Darwin Thio, Director of Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory, shared his expertise and knowledge about the key cybersecurity challenges that organisations face today. With more than 20 years of working experience in the arena of legal, compliance, risk management, fraud investigation and process review, Darwin plays a pivotal role in the business communities to heighten awareness for cybersecurity preparedness to combat against cyber threats.

Cyberattacks can be as damaging and crippling as their physical counterparts, but often come undetected – companies need to focus on loss prevention and tightening controls in order to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring. Darwin’s presentation on “Cyber Forensic – Safeguard Your Assets” used recent and relatable examples from the team’s experience to showcase how an insidious cyberattack, either through internal sabotage or external malicious activity, bring a company to its knees overnight. The conference was interactive with more than 50 top security executives and an active question and answer session.

Nexia TS provides cybersecurity advisory and support to assist organisations in managing cybercrime incidents detecting IP infringement and minimising business risks. Our cybersecurity approach is holistic and covers areas such as education, digital forensic, ethical hacking, and incident response. We hope to enable our customers to optimise the return of investment in IT spent, build stronger IT capabilities, and enhance the overall business performance within the company.

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