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Message from Group CEO

This is the moment where the nation comes together to fight against the over-escalating infections in Singapore.

Authored By

Mr Henry Tan

Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer


Dear Valued Clients and Business Partners,

Covid-19 is nowhere near its end in sight. This is a long and trying battle, we have to stay united to tide us through this unprecedented crisis. I am aware that many of us are affected by the pandemic disruption to our business and personal life. One of the lessons I have learnt is to remain positive despite adversity. Every morning, I give thanks to all that is around and the little things that we have. These could be my family, my colleagues who are working hard, our ability to have a cup of coffee and the time to look at the beautiful creations in nature. Being grateful starts me on a positive note. Then I will read something that is inspirational and these could be some famous quotes, leadership articles or a passage from the Bible, as I am a Christian. The words inspire me for the day to face the battles ahead. I also constantly think on how I can continue to help others during this period, whether it is our colleagues, our family and friends, or clients like you. This may not be big ideas but small gestures count.

To safeguard our community from the risk of infections, Nexia TS is joining hands with most businesses island-wide on the closure of workplaces until situation improves. Our priority is to ensure the well-being of our people and their families, keeping them safe and healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak while minimising disruption to our business. To this end, the firm has progressively implemented several business continuity measures with the latest measure to commence on 6 April 2020 – all Nexia TS staff to be fully telecommuting. While we make all necessary efforts to remain operational during remote working, I also do seek your cooperation to continue the use of e-payment as the main payment tool for invoices that are due. With a viable cashflow, our staff can be paid promptly of their salaries for the work that they put in.

While we weather the stormy skies of Covid-19, Nexia TS is not slowing its pace to keep up with your business. We pride ourselves on service quality and commitment to partner with you through this difficult journey. We have been using many tools that allow us to telecommute and these include technology solutions and software ranging from Caseware, TeamMate, Microsoft (MS) Teams. Phone lines are automatically connected to our laptop or mobile devices. On top of the regular phone calls and emails, Team Engagement meetings have also taken a level up through virtual-meet via MS Teams. In the event that you are unable to reach any of our team members or you wish to have a private discussion, please feel free to speak with me or any of our 2 leaders at the numbers provided below.

You will also be receiving invites to our specially curated webinars ‘Helping Our Clients Business Series’. I will personally kick off the first webinar of this series – as you are important to us.

At Nexia TS, we recognise the importance of social responsibility which is the crux of protecting the best interest of the community among us. Read more on our business continuity measures in place.

Enabling operationally-ready teams to ensure uninterrupted service

  • Continuous effort in maintaining health declaration of our people on daily basis to monitor and report any abnormalities immediately, if any.
  • Alternate work teams which can be deployed at different work locations and schedules to minimise disruption and infection.

Clients’ engagement

  • We stay connected and closer to you with the use of telecommuting tools to conduct face-to-face video conferencing.
  • Business webinars series evolving an array of topics are held to assist and guide businesses.

Maintaining a socially responsible community

  • Social distancing implemented to ensure a safe social distance of at least 1-metre is observed at workplace.
  • Hand sanitisers, masks and thermometers are readily available for staff use to protect themselves.

Let’s continue to stay positive, be on high vigilance, mentally and psychologically prepared for every scenario.

Importantly, do keep safe and practice good personal hygiene.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Yours Sincerely,

Henry Tan
Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer
+65 6536 5466


Key Contacts of our Leaders:

Loh Ji Kin
Assurance Leader
+65 6597 7295

Chin Chee Choon
Advisory Leader
+65 6597 7291

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