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Nexia Pulse Quarter 4 2019

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Beyond the Boardroom: Why Strong Internal Controls are Important for Businesses Today

In light of the amendments made to the Code of Corporate Governance and SGX Listing Rules with effect from 1 January 2019, more companies recognise the need to step up on their internal control, specifically in the areas of compliance, operational, financial, information technology and risk management. As a result, the role of finance leaders is increasingly important in maintaining this line of defence in effective risk management and internal control.

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Screening A Potential Employee - What’s The Benefit?

Resume fraud is a problem – hiring someone who has padded their resume, taken extremely creative license with their educational history or has outright devised their own career on paper. Recruiters, human resource departments and interviewers all face the problem of ascertaining whether a candidate is a hidden gem or “too good to be true.”

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The Challenges of Implementing IFRS 9

The delayed recognition of credit losses associated with loans and other items was widely identified as a weakness in the accounting standards and, the prescribed method then, the “incurred loss model”, which required the recognition of credit losses only upon the loss event was also criticised as one of the main reason which led to the financial crisis. It is not surprising therefore, that the accounting bodies sought a way to remedy this and the outcome from this initiative was IFRS 9: Financial Instruments.

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UK At The FDI Crossroad

Will the UK look to Europe or the US for future FDI? The UK is at a national crossroads. In one sense things are clear: one group of people want out of the EU by 31 October, while the other lot want to stay in. Where it gets complicated is when this is shoehorned into the political set up. UK politics is a two-party system, but not one neatly divided along Brexit lines. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, and Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, have far more complex incentives and constituencies and, in reality, are hungry for power.

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