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Nexia Pulse Quarter 3 2017

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Sports Interview: Nexia TS Catches up with the Singapore Women's Floorball National Team

This quarter, we had the opportunity to talk to some of the members of the Singapore Women’s Floorball National Team to get to know them better. Over the years, they have grown from strength to strength and they will be representing Singapore in the upcoming World Floorball Championship in Slovakia. As their corporate sponsor, we are equally excited – let’s hear from some of our home-grown sports talents on their sporting journey.

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Digitisation Driving the Next Generation of Business Process Outsourcing

Digitisation is rapidly driving the next generation of Business Process Outsourcing where domain expertise and technological advances are used as a game changer for many businesses to stay nimble, increase collaboration and becoming more responsive to market needs.

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Singapore Set to Benefit from China's One Belt One Road

China’s One Belt One Road policy could become the single biggest economic development exercise in history. The article hence explores the role Singapore has in this massive, China-centric economic initiative.

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Winding up a Foreign Invested Company in China

Winding up a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) is a tedious and complicated process. In this article, we review the formal legal process for liquidation and deregistration of a WFOE subsidiary in China by a foreign investor or parent company.

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Sustainability Reporting: Shaping the Future of Your Business

The corporate reporting landscape has changed over the years with an increased focus on non-financial aspects surrounding the environmental, social and governance (ESG)factors. This article discusses the concept of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility and how it forms an integral part of a business strategy.

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