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Nexia Pulse Quarter 2 2019

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Intercompany Services – Rendered Or Not Rendered?

When most people think about related party transactions, the first thought that comes to mind is whether the pricing of the transaction is at arm’s length. However, for intercompany services, the first actual step to look at is whether the services have been rendered. It is only after the services can be said to have been rendered that the focus will then move on to whether the pricing of the transaction is at arm’s length. In this article, we will look at the first step, namely whether tax authorities will consider the services to have been rendered.

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Deal Or No Deal? Know What You Are Paying For

Acquiring or investing into a business usually requires a sizable amount of funds, be it from internal operations or external bank financing. Hence, for the price paid, buyers or investors are expecting to earn good returns and create valuable synergies to boost their existing business operations. It is important to ensure that the target business possesses quality assets, sound structure and strong business drivers, rather than flawed systems, liabilities and a whole host of risks. The cost of an unsuccessful acquisition is high and deal failure can be prevented by proper due diligence processes.

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Business Transformation - On Course for Success

In the current business environment, “change” is a “constant” and with rapid adoption of technology, business owners are no longer able to be working in their comfort zone and execute their operations without taking into consideration the changing demands from customers, vendors, business partners, stakeholders and their employees. Business Transformation is the process of changing the systems, processes, people, technology and most importantly the mind set of all stakeholders.

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The Cyber Security Threat From Within

In today’s security landscape, businesses need to focus not only on external cyber attacks but internal vulnerabilities that can lead to physical and digital information threats. Every year almost 1% of global GDP – as much as U.S.$600 bn – is lost to cybercrime according to McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Monetisation of stolen data is now easier because of the use of digital currencies and increased sophistication of cybercrime black markets.

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Nexia TS Office Is Relocating

Nexia TS is excited to announce that we will be operating from new office premises at 80 Robinson Road, #25-00, Singapore 068898, starting from Monday, 22 July 2019. Located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District Area, our new office will provide a centralised location for business networking and meetups as well as close proximity to major banks and financial institutions.

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