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Nexia TS is Featured in Business Times Sharing the Joy of Anniversaries with Beneficaries

May 2013

Singapore, May 2013 – A Significant Completion: Nexia TS CSR Day is featured in The Business Times (BT), to celebrate with a difference in sharing joy of anniversaries with beneficiaries. More companies mark milestones by giving a hand to the less privileged. The article featured Nexia TS two focus on Education and Community Welfare and cited the increasing trend of corporate companies reaching out to social philanthropy activities to further motivate staff in engaging community work.


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Nexia TS start this movement to encourage staff to be involved in community activities and we hope this will also influence those around them like their family members and friends. A CSR day may seem to be insignificant, but it does play a big part in changing the hearts of many individuals. In the BT, Nexia TS was reported to actively involved in annual charity events held by its regular partners. It has been a sponsor of “POSB Run for Kids” since 2009 as well as a participant in the Boys’ Brigade “Share-a-gift” project since 2008. It also awards scholarships and study awards to financially needy students at local universities and polytechnics.


Henry Tan, Managing Director was quoted as saying:
“As an employer, we have a responsibility to not only train our employees in technical and professional skills, but also to train the minds and hearts of employees to encourage and change their way of thinking beyond I, me, ourselves, but they, others, and them”


“We were looking at celebrating by making a difference to others – those who are not as privileged or fortunate as us. By celebrating with them and spending the day with them, we are blessed.”


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. He will even be able to teach others to fish, or help others to learn to fish, and this is perpetuating and powerful.”


Further to our Managing Director quotes from BT, our staff comment on our first CSR Day:

“It was a fruitful and meaningful day as each and every one play a part in our first CSR Day. This is also the first time I have been involved in CSR activities as a working adult. Our fellow male colleagues have a wonderful afternoon working out to move the rice sacks for their team and the ladies have their share in ensuring the items are packed accordingly in the bag. I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how small the contribution is, it is still something meaningful for the needy.”
– James Ong, Human Resources


“I’ve learnt that we have to be thoughtful when we contribute to the less privileged families, from packing the right item to approaching with the right attitude. Thank you for such wonderful opportunity given.”
 Lo Pin Boon, Assurance


“I appreciated the opportunity given by the firm to be involved in social responsibility, it was my birthday that day and I came back to help out because I know I am doing something good for the community”.
– Yik Kok Shong, Assurance


“I felt excited and happy to be part of this special cause to contribute to the less privileged families. The feeling was beyond words when we see the beneficiary’s reaction and how appreciative they were with our little gesture, I just feel good from the bottom of my heart! With the contribution and help from everyone, we definitely can make a difference”
– Nicholas Low, Forensic Technology


For more details on the article, please refer to The Business, Singapore News published on 27 May 2013.


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