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Nexia TS’ Efforts In Creating An Innovative Culture at Work

Nexia TS’ Director of Transformation and Quality Assurance, Mr Lee Tze Shiong (second from the left), participated as one of the speakers at the event ‘The Stories of Ideas: Innovation’ by the Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP).

Singapore, 16 June 2022 – Participating in the event themed ‘The Stories of Ideas: Innovation’ by the Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), Mr Lee Tze Shiong, Director of Transformation and Quality Assurance at Nexia TS shared the firm’s efforts in creating an innovative culture at work.

An innovative workplace allows people to undertake their functional tasks in the most effective way possible and to improve the organisation. In 2019, Nexis TS moved to its current office at 80 Robinson Road and built an innovative workplace without regular office partition walls and massive paperwork.

Nexia TS’ office was designed with an open office environment and hot-desking system, where employees are encouraged to interact with each other. Ample collaborative spaces were made available to facilitate discussions.

The office design was made possible with the firm’s effort in going paperless. From dealing with large number of papers and physical files from archives, Nexia TS has gone through the process of digitalising all records and adopted a paperless operation prior to the move.

Before the pandemic, Nexia TS has started adopting digital communication tools for both internal and external communications. This enabled Nexia TS to transit quickly to work remotely when the Singapore circuit breaker measures were implemented in 2020. To further improve the productivity of our business operations, innovative tools using OCR technology to review financial statement, and Data Analytics (DA) tool to decipher large data were implemented.

Creating an innovative workplace involves a holistic approach which includes designing of physical space, adopting of new technology, and most importantly to instill an innovative culture and mindset among the employees.

Nexia TS organises dialogue sessions with the employees to hear their point of view and encourage them to come forward with innovative ideas that contributes to improving efficiency and employees’ satisfaction at work.

When the Singapore circuit breaker measures were implemented in 2020, Nexia TS kept in touch with its employees through regular virtual gatherings.

Workplace transformation involves a constant cycle of engaging employees, embracing changes and re-design to grow. In its latest initiative, Nexia TS’ Human Resource department was rebranded as the ‘People & Culture’ team.

The development of the People & Culture concept is to cultivate a positive and supportive work environment for growth. The firm aims to maximise employees’ value through talent management, total rewards, and regular internal communications.

Henry Tan, Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, Nexia TS, said “At Nexia TS, we believe strongly that our People are the foundation of every successful engagement, campaign and business. With the rebranding of our People & Culture team, we hope to evolve our talent management processes through a healthy corporate culture and to enhance employee’s experience with the firm.”

About Nexia TS:

Founded in 1993, Nexia TS today is recognised as an established mid-tier local accounting firm. Headquartered in Singapore, the firm has strong presence in various countries across the region. Nexia TS Shanghai is a one-stop centre providing advisory services for foreign-invested enterprises in China. NTS Malaysia and NTS Myanmar provide a full suite of corporate advisory services for clientele with operations and new foreign investments in the respective countries. Being an independent member firm of Nexia International also means that we have more than 32,000 staff serving clients at 727 offices in 122 countries. It is ranked as the top 10 largest international accounting and consulting network.

For more information, please visit www.nexiats.com.sg.


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