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Nexia TS Congratulates Onesall Corporation Pte Ltd for the Successful Listing of its Parent Company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Singapore, 9 December 2019 –Nexia TS congratulates its assurance client, Onesall Corporation Pte Ltd (“Onesall”), for the successful IPO listing of its parent company, Taichi Holdings Limited (“the Group”), on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Group that has a market capitalisation of JPY6.36 billion in Japan issued a total of 10.52 million shares on 27 November.
In preparation of the public listing, Nexia TS was appointed as the independent auditor for Onesall, an overseas subsidiary and investing company of the Group, to conduct audit reviews of the subsidiary’s financial records that are in accordance with the Singapore Standards on Auditing.
Shuzo Kawamura, President of Taichi Holdings Limited said, “We appreciate the efforts and dedication by Nexia TS for the audit of Onesall Corporation Pte Ltd. With the support from everyone in Nexia’s audit team, we were able to achieve the listing successfully. We hope to continue having a good business relationship with Nexia TS in the future.”
Henry Tan, Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, Nexia TS further commented, “The onus is on us to ensure a successful audit is conducted for Onesall so as to complete the listing of Taichi Holdings without a hitch. Our team of auditors is equipped with the necessary technical knowledge and proficiency to carry out our duties professionally. We are thankful for the opportunity to achieve this important milestone as a trusted audit partner of choice.”
About Taichi Holdings Limited:
A Pioneer in emerging overseas markets, we were founded in 1973 as a trading company specializing in business with governments of the Middle East and Africa. Since then, business has made steady progress, and the Central Overseas Division is currently not limited to the Middle East and Africa but is expanding to Asia, Latin America, and worldwide. We do a wide array of business worldwide: air conditioning & handling room air conditioners, multi-unit air-conditioning systems for buildings, and large chiller units & medical equipment, vehicles, and more.
Our domestic department, Anabas, was inaugurated in 1996 to utilize the experience and know-how gained in our operations overseas. Since then, this department has been committed to developing and selling products which have something unique about them. For more information, please visit www.taichi-holdings.com/en/.
About Nexia TS:
Founded in 1993, Nexia TS today is recognised as an established mid-tier local accounting firm. Headquartered in Singapore, the firm has strong presence in various countries across the region. Nexia TS Shanghai is a one-step centre providing advisory services for foreign-invested enterprises in China. NTS Malaysia and NTS Myanmar provide a full suite of corporate advisory services for clientele with operations and new foreign investments in the respective countries. Being an independent member firm of Nexia International also means that we have more than 32,000 staff serving clients at 710 offices in 120 countries. It is ranked as the top 10 largest international accounting and consulting network. For more information, please visit www.nexiats.com.sg
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