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Nexia China Welcomes Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP into its Network

March 2017


China, 16 March 2017 – Nexia China welcomed the latest member firm, Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP [江苏苏亚金诚会计师事务所(特殊普通合伙)], to the network, adding on to a select group of professional firms delivering quality assurance and management consultancy services for its clientele based in China and companies with foreign investments in China.


From left: Chief Partner of Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP, Mr. Zhan Congcai
and Chairman of Nexia China, Mr. Henry Tan


Ranked as a top 22nd firm nationally, the firm has seen tremendous growth over the years. It currently has 9 offices with over 42 partners and approximately 1,000 staff members across East China. Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP’s services cover Finance and Accounting, Project Budget Audit, Asset Appraisal, Management Consultancy, Tax Services and others. Chief Partner of Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP, Mr. Zhan Congcai, mentioned that the success secrets for Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP include prudent practice principles, quality customer resources and close relationships with government agencies and enterprises.


Based on the firm’s efficient management and its principles of team spirit and harmony, Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP gains considerable business from state-owned enterprises and large listed companies alike. The firm’s client base includes large-scale manufacturing enterprises, commercial chain and high-end retail enterprises, securities and financial enterprises, and many other sectors, and it operates in 25 other regions in China. At present, Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP is serving around 3,500 companies, and the annual income has been increasing by about 18% each year. Notably, Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP’s corporate values place great emphasis on “Honesty Comes First” and that the company business must be “People Oriented.”


Above: On 1 March 2017, the Chairman of Nexia China, Mr. Henry Tan, and the Executive Director of Nexia China, Ms. Flora Luo, visited Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP for a formal signing ceremony and meeting


“Joining Nexia would be helpful for the firm to improve its international service skills and service quality to better serve our clients while they expand their business overseas into countries such as Singapore, UK, USA, Israel and Australia. It also would be an important platform for Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP to facilitate the company’s international business development.”

Mr. Zhan Congcai, Chief Partner, Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP


“We are pleased to welcome Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP into the Nexia China network. With another high-calibre member firm in the network, we are well-positioned to deliver only the best-in-class to support our clients’ business needs. We look forward to a fruitful and long term partnership with Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP.”

Mr. Henry Tan, Chairman, Nexia China
Managing Director, Nexia TS


About Jiangsu Suya Jincheng Certified Public Accountants LLP

Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP, formerly Jiangsu Suya Audit Office, was established in May 1996 (formerly under the Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office), registered in the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. The firm is engaged in the statutory auditing business as stipulated in the CPA Law and is engaged in accounting consultation and accounting services. Since 2003, the firm has been ranked among the top 30 in the comprehensive evaluation by the CICPA and the 22nd among the 100 national accounting firms in 2016. For more information about Jiangsu Suya Jincheng CPA LLP, please visit www.syjc.com.


About Nexia China:

Nexia China is a one-stop shop providing a comprehensive range of services necessary for corporate expansion into China. With a highly personalised and best-in-class management consultancy services, Nexia China has successfully assisted many foreign firms (including US and European companies) to set up wholly foreign-owned enterprises, equity joint ventures, contractual joint ventures and representative offices in different regions of China. Mr Henry Tan, Nexia TS’s Managing Director, is also Chairman of Nexia China. He was on the Board of the Directors of Nexia International and the Chairman for Nexia Asia Pacific region from 2001 to 2013.


With its national office in Shanghai at Nexia TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (managed by Nexia TS Singapore), Nexia China acts as the coordinating office for project coordination, professional training and is also responsible for Nexia’s expansion into China. Currently, Nexia member firms cover Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Jiangsu.


For more information on Nexia China, please www.nexiachina.com.

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