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Congratulations to our Managing Director, Mr Henry Tan, Recipient of Nexia 2013 Roy Hoffman Award

November 2013

Singapore, November 2013 – Nexia TS is pleased to congratulate our Managing Director, Mr Henry Tan, the recipient of Nexia 2013 Roy Hoffman Award. The Roy Hoffman Award is conferred to an individual who, throughout his or her long period of membership in Nexia International, has made an effective, significant and substantial contribution to furthering the aims of Nexia International.

Nexia TS Henry Tan Roy Hoffman Award 2013

In the citation for the award: “Mr Henry Tan who has just retired from the Nexia Board as a director and Chair of the Asia Pacific Region has made an outstanding contribution of Nexia and in particular the Asia Pacific region over the last thirteen years. He has been the perfect director, a consummate professional and businessman. His contribution to board debate is always clear and to the point but delivered always in a polite and calm way.


He has proved to be an outstanding Chair for the region and has single-handedly recruited many of the Nexia firms there and the quality of the firms in the Asia Pacific Region is a testament to his overall effectiveness. Henry has had a very difficult job in blending the Eastern and Western cultures, however, with his own unique style, he has succeeded in overcoming many differences with distinction. The Asia Pacific Region would not be as cohesive and strong without Henry’s dedication, perseverance, vision and wisdom.


Whilst Henry is not lost to Nexia and will still chair Nexia China and manage his Singapore firm, it is fitting to mark his tremendous professional and personal commitment to Nexia during the last thirteen years and Nexia International will be forever grateful.”

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