MediaClone – SuperImager® Plus 12” Rugged Field Forensic Unit

MediaClone, Inc is proud to present the recent release of a full line of computer forensic products: Computer Forensic Field and Lab Data Acquisition & Analysis platforms.

The SuperImager® line of products is a very useful tool for computer forensic investigators, to be used in the field, or in a computer forensic laboratory. The SuperImager® combines two very important technologies:

1) High Speed Forensic Imaging under Linux OS

  • High speed data acquisition from vast varieties of interfaces, devices, protocols and form factors
  • Extreme speed when running E01 capture with full compression, with ability to adjust up to the use of 16 parallel threads engines
  • Increase network streaming to upload Forensic Images to the network

2) Complete & Powerful Platform (Dual Boot Option – Linux/Windows)

  • A complete, powerful platform to be used as a full Forensic investigation station and tool

Special Ability

The units are very economical compared to the single task acquisition tools that currently exist on the market. This is because of their ability to perform multiple, simultaneous operations very fast, increasing the capacity of the units effectively doubling their use.

Performing of the parallel operations are:

  • Hash on 4* Drives; or
  • Erase on 2** Drives; or
  • Capture from 2*** drives to 2 drives


* With the use of USB3.0 to SATA Adapters, that can increase to 8
** With the use of USB3.0 to SATA adapters, that can increase to 4
*** With the use if USB3.0 to SATA Adapters, that can increase to capture from 4 to 4


  • Capture Data from many types of forms factors and interfaces
  • USB3.0 ports can be converted to SATA Ports with the use of USB3.0 to SATA adapters (4 Channel Kit)
  • Preview data on the “Suspect” hard disk drive in a secure environment
  • Captures and copy across many ports and interfaces
  • Basic Copy mode from 1:1, 1:2, and 2:2
  • Simultaneously calculate Hash values: MD5/SHA-1/SHA-2
  • Erase hard disk drives following DOD 5220-22M specs.
  • Automatic supports DCO/HPA areas
  • Support bad sectors handling
  • Encryption AES 256 on-the-fly
  • Erase hard disk drives following DOD 5220-22M specs, Security Erase, or Enhanced Security erase protocols
  • Quick format: NTFS/exFAT/EXT4/HFS+
  • Support save multiple Forensic Images to Network in a very efficient way
  • Capture data from network via iSCSI storage protocols
  • Support capture mode of 100% bit by bit, Linux-DD files, E01, EX01 with full compression
  • Remote capture data from laptop/PC via USB or Ethernet ports without removing the hard disk drive
  • Flexibility in selecting file format for the Evidence hard disk drive: Fat, NTFS, ExFAT
  • Support SAS/SATA/e-SATA/USB/IDE/SCSI*/1394*/Micro SATA/Mini SATA/PCIE*/M.2*(NGFF) *(with expansion options)

Hardware Features

  • 4 Hard Drive Slots for SAS/SATA Hard Disk Drives
  • 4 USB3.0 Ports 2 for “Evidence” and 2 for “Suspect” drives
  • 10”/12” Touch Screen Color LCD Display (For 10” it is 1280 X 800, for 12” it is 1366 X 768)
  • One Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Two 3.5mm audio ports

System Specifications

CPU: i7 Quad Core 4th generation
Memory: 16GB DDR3
PCIe bus: Gen 3
SAS 2.0 controller: 6Gb/s SAS/SATA up to 37GB/min
Internal 256GB SSD drive
OS: Linux Ubuntu.
Power Supply: Universal auto switching 250W UL/CE/PSE approved
Input voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Net Weight: 20.00 Lbs
Dimensions: 15.00 x 12.13 x 6.90 in
Environment: 5°C – 55°C (40°F-130°F)
Relative humidity: 20-60% non-condensing


Request to evaluate MediaClone – SuperImager® Plus 12” Rugged Field Forensic Unit with our Sales Representative at and provide us your full name as well as your company name.

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