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With ever increasing volume of business related information created, disseminated, stored and destroyed using a wide variety of information and communication technology (ICT) systems, prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and abuse has become technically complex and challenging.

Our team at Forensic Technology Services provides technically-focused and cost effective solutions to assess and mitigate IT risks, and to identify and preserve data for investigation and litigation.

Our team of technical experts and experienced investigators provides the following services:

Computer Forensics

  • Identify source of confidential information leakage
  • Capture relevant data to support fraud, corruption, and compliance investigations
  • Examine emails, documents and pictures for traces of manipulation
  • Provide investigative and technical assistance in investigations and legal proceedings, including acting as independent experts


  • Assist in formulating speedy, effective and defensible e-discovery plan
  • Identify ICT systems and data sources relevant to the discovery
  • Process, review, produce and host data in accordance with approved/agreed e-discovery plan
  • Provide expert testimony

Forensic Data Analytics

  • Discover and analyse patterns, trends and irregularities to identify system and control weaknesses
  • Examine large structured data sets to detect red flags for financial misreporting, fraud, corruption, and misconduct
  • Analyse data output from various key systems to identify transactions with a higher risk profile
  • Visualise data to spot opportunities and risks in merger and acquisition transactions

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