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The 3Ps of Preparing Your Business in a Post-Pandemic World. Part 3- Sustainability Preparation: The ESG Lens

Date:    4 August 2021, Wednesday
Time:    4:00pm - 5:00pm

As Singapore accelerates national efforts on Covid-19 programme, we are not near any end of the pandemic yet. With uncertainty continues to loom behind the big dark clouds, the prolonged downturn has resulted in slower recovery with many businesses taken the heavy toll. Against this backdrop, the trails of impact are significant as situation deteriorates unexpectedly when we presume the coast is clear. While we emerged and transitioned in this evolving new normal coupled with perpetual disruption, it is evidently shown in our adoption of many trends, like digitalisation and globalisation, our capabilities to adapt in a much more time-constrained fashion. Now, are we ready to take on more challenges albeit the existential threat this pandemic will last?

Join us for a 3-part series of getting your business prepared in a post-pandemic world as our panel of speakers share insights on how we can be mentally, strategically and sustainably prepared to reimagine the future together.

These sessions will be moderated by Henry Tan, Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer, Nexia TS.

Part III, Sustainability Preparation: The ESG Lens
Date: 4 August 2021, 4pm to 5pm
Presenter: Fergus Boyd, Partner, Investment management, CFA, Smith & Williamson.
Panelists: Pamela Chen, Director, Head of Internal Audit, Nexia TS;  and Daphne Ng, Co-Founder & CEO, Dedoco.

The crisis has evidently shown that embracing ESG is not a distant goal but one that strengthens the resilience of our communities and businesses. Through the lens of sustainability, accelerating the ESG agenda can begin with analysing the short and long term shifts in how these factors are to be considered in the context of investment, and the best practices and reporting standards that we must be mindful of.


Free Admission for Clients/ Business Associates; $80 per pax for Public

CPE Hours
1 hour

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Speaker Profiles

Fergus Boyd
Partner Investment management, CFA,
Smith & Williamson.

Global equity and multi-asset portfolios for charities, private client, trust and offshore family OEIC portfolios. Fergus is part of the team responsible for managing UK Tier 1 Investor Visa Portfolios. In addition to portfolio management responsibilities, Fergus is the lead sector specialist researching stocks in the Pharmaceutical sector. Fergus joined Smith & Williamson in 2005 and became a Partner in 2013, with direct responsibility for assets in excess of £270m. He is a member of the Investment Process Committee, with responsibility for overseeing the firm’s internal research process for direct investments. As part of this process, he is the equity sector specialist for the Pharmaceutical sector.

Daphne Ng
Co-Founder & CEO

Daphne is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dedoco – a digital signing and document technology company that allows peer-to-peer signing, encryption and sharing of transactions for enhanced document privacy and security. Dedoco is a partner of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore, and its clientele spans across government, financial services, realestate, legal and professional services. On the thought leadership front, Daphne is a regular speaker and advisor on the applications of blockchain in the areas of data, finance and supply chains.  Recently, she is also a Member of NTUC Women’s Committee and serving as a mentor to support initiatives to help women.

Pamela Chen
Director Head of Internal Audit & Sustainability Reporting
Nexia TS

Pamela has more than 12 years of experience in internal controls advisory, compliance, external audit and sustainability reporting. She was involved in various internal and external audit engagements for clients from medium to major listed organisations with a Big Four accounting firm. She has served clients in diverse industries including oil & gas, property development and hotel management, manufacturing, interior design & exhibition, food & beverage, architectural services, education, trading and retail as well as government bodies with exposure in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, United States of America, Korea and Dubai.

Henry Tan
Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer
Nexia TS

Henry Tan, Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer of Nexia TS, has been serving as advisor to clients in Singapore and the region. As Group CEO, he manages the firm and grows its footprint to a major player in the market. Henry assisted companies especially entrepreneurs since 1993 to grow their business in Asia through IPO, M&A, Accounting & other advisory. He has many years of experience in China market. Henry also sits on the board of a number of listed companies.

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