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Community Welfare

We recognise that children are the building blocks of our future society and the importance of education, especially for less-privileged children. Here at Nexia TS, we have implemented a series of social and community welfare initiatives to give back to the society at large, making the world a better place.

POSB Passion Run for Kids


We have supported and sponsored POSB in its inaugural POSB PAssion Run for Kids for four consecutive years since 2009. Funds raised went towards an education welfare fund for the less privileged primary school children, to be administered by the Punggol Central Community Club, and the Singapore Children’s Society.

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Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift Project

Share-a-gift reached out to 6,500 households who are less fortunate in our society.


Nexia TS participated in the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift project since 2008. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, Nexia TS and staff contributed general food and household items for the less fortunate in Singapore.


We would like to thank all our staff for their generosity in donating to the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift project. With money contributed from staff, we purchased daily household items and groceries for distribution to the poor and needy families. Our little efforts can go a long way in bringing happiness to one’s life.


This is an annual outreach event organised by the Boys’ Brigade Singapore to meet the basic needs of the underprivileged supported by the Public Assistance Scheme, the ComCareScheme and more than 140 voluntary welfare organisations. This project serves to promote the spirit of caring and sharing among the Singaporeans during the Christmas season and mobilizes more than 3,500 BB officers and Boys, and hundreds of other volunteers to collect gifts from thousands of Singaporeans for distribution to the needy in Singapore.


This year theme “Have a Heart, Share a Gift” summaries Boy’s Brigade purposes, to bring cheer and relief to the less fortunate in Singapore during the Christmas season and promoting the spirit of caring and sharing among the community.


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CSR Day 2013



On 15 May 2013, Nexia TS staff set aside work and contributed money, time and effort to give back to the poor, needy and underprivileged in our society. Over 2500 grocery items were contributed and packed for this special cause. Nexia TS would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating in this meaningful event to bring joy to the beneficiaries from Yishun Ring Road Residential Community. We thank our clients too for their cooperation as the office was closed for the day.


As a professional firm, the firm has the responsibility not only training in our staff in technical and professional skills but also to instill into our staff the culture of being socially responsible and looking beyond ourselves. By taking this initiative to designate a day to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and set a day for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Day), we start this movement to encourage staff to be involved in community activities and we hope this will also influence those around them like their family members and friends. A CSR day may seem to be insignificant, but it does play a big part in changing the hearts of many individuals.


CSR Day 2014


On 11 July 2014, 150 Nexia TS staff set aside their work to clean up Changi Beach in an effort to serve the community and protect the natural environment. It was a full day event beginning with coastal cleanup activities in the morning, buffet lunch by the beach and some mental stretching team games in the afternoon to round off. In spite of the scorching heat and body aches, it is undeniably a memorable, meaningful and rewarding day spent for the Nexia TS family.


Over 4,500 pieces of trash, weighing more than 150 kg in aggregate, were collected along the shoreline of Changi Beach, stretching over 3.3 km. Some of the more common items found were cigarette butts and foam containers, consistent with the International Coastal Cleanup 2011 report which ranked first and second. Unique items like a car key and a shaver were also picked up during the cleanup process. The data collected on the trash will contribute to the Ocean Trash Index Report, in collaboration with the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, the volunteer arm of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research at the National University of Singapore. It will be used to raise awareness, identify hotspots for debris or unusual trash events, and inform policy solutions.


CSR Day 2015



Nexia TS Citizens woke up to an extraordinary day on 19 June 2015. Setting aside work, they made their way to Gardens by the Bay for a fun-filled day with children from Xin Yuan Community Care and Students Care Service. The event started with shy smiles and soft voices as the staff and children get to know one another. They then sent off on an enjoyable race to play as many games as they could at stations manned by staff around the area. Within a short period of time, the children and staff had formed special bonds as they played and laughed together.


Through the games, the children learned the importance of teamwork and how everyone in the group can work well together. For instance, in the ‘Capteh Game’, the children who fared better could be seen assisting those who were struggling to kick the shuttlecock. It was a fruitful and wonderful experience for both the staff and children.


CSR Day 2016



On 1 July 2016, Nexia TS Citizens spent a meaningful day with the residents at St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons. The firm-wide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event is one of the various CSR initiatives Nexia TS undertake in its capacity as a professional firm to give back to the community it operates in.


The day visit started off with a mass karaoke session led enthusiastically by the warm elderly residents who belted out their favourite hits with glee and cheers from the audience. With the singalong session ending on a high note, the programme was followed by a creative handicraft workshop and more mass games to engage the residents, drawing them out from their private worlds into a delightful afternoon of fun and social interaction.


As a means to take care of their physical needs as well, gift packs consisting of basic daily essentials were presented to the residents along with a hand-written note by staff, adding a personal touch to the goodies received by the residents.


CSR Day 2017



The firm spent a meaningful day of fun and games on 8 September with children from a number of social welfare organisations the firm had supported for its annual CSR event, Nexia CSR Day. The day started off with an educational Singapore Maritime Trail in the morning where both staff and children went on a field trip to visit historical maritime sites which opened the eyes of both students and adults alike to Singapore’s rich maritime heritage.


Next, the beneficiaries bonded with staff through an afternoon of team games and lunch – reserved smiles turned into laughter, and strangers into friends. The CSR program was concluded by a mini prize presentation ceremony and at the end of the day, each child brought back a goody bag packed with useful educational items and as well as happy memories from an exciting day out.




Nexia CSR Day was also a part of Nexia Day 2017 celebrations, a global branding campaign spearheaded by the firm’s accounting network, Nexia International.


Bicycles for Cambodia



On 30 November 2017, as part of the firm’s CSR involvements beyond Singapore, together with other
contributors, the firm co-sponsored 170 bicycles for school children receiving aid through Bicycles For Cambodia,
a non-profit organisation that aims to donate bicycles to needy children in Cambodia to help provide them with a
means of transportation to school.


With this contribution, more needy school children are supported to better their education and other aspects of
their lives by drastically cutting down their travel time. For instance, a bulk of the students live 3 to 4 kilometres
away from their school and many walk for hours to reach school on a daily basis. The main beneficiary for this
sponsorship was Srenoy Secondary School.


To learn more about Bicycles For Cambodia, click here.

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