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Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) is a data recovery software that finds existing and deleted data from Internet-related communications left behind on a computer hard drive.

Benefits of Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)

Robust Search & Dependable Results
IEF can recover more types of data than any other solution, which makes it more likely to uncover critical evidence. You can do a single search and find all Internet related evidence without having to try keywords, manually carve data, or run individual scripts. It’s the closest thing to a “Find All Evidence” button.

With our patent-pending technology, IEF finds more forms of Internet artifacts and filters out false positives. IEF is able to recover data from not only deleted data, but also live RAM captures, which often hold vital evidence.

Accelerate Investigations & Reduce Case Backlog
With the ever-growing hard drive capacities and the explosive growth in both case loads and complexity, organizations and agencies of all kinds require an accurate and comprehensive solution for recovering data. IEF is a rapid automated solution that saves a tremendous amount of time and allows you to work on other parts of the investigation while it’s searching. It’s as straightforward as hitting search and coming back to a comprehensive report to review the results.

User Friendly
Both experienced and new forensic examiners/investigators find the IEF user interface flexible, intuitive and easy to use. And because its reporting options are as impressive as it analytical capabilities, producing professional reports for both internal or external audiences is equally simple and straightforward. Time is of the essence and that is why there is no complex configuration or setup.

The Gold Standard in Data Recovery
IEF is considered the defacto standard for the recovery of data and is used by thousands of the most prestigious national security agencies, law enforcement teams, and corporations around the world.

Court Admissible
The reporting feature that’s built into IEF provides the information examiners require to manually verify all results.

What Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) can recover

Cloud Artifacts
Google Docs
Google Drive

Social Networking Pages
Facebook Page Fragments
Twitter Status Update
Bebo Chat
Myspace Chat
Google Plus

Instant Messenger Chats
GoogleTalk Chat Messages
Yahoo Chat Messages
MSN / Windows Live Chat Messengers
Messenger Plus Chat Logs
AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM) chat logs
mIRC Chat Logs
World of Warcraft
Second Life

Webmail Applications Gmail Email
Yahoo Webmail Email
Hotmail Webmail Email
P2P File Sharing Applications Limewire
FROSTWIRE.props Files
Gigatribe Chat Messages
Ares P2P Search Keywords
Shareaza Search Keywords
Torrent File Artifacts

Web Browser
Internet Explorer History and InPrivate/Recovery URLS
Google Chrome
Apple Safari


To receive your evaluation copy of Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), please contact our Sales Representative at farlina@nexiats.com.sg and provide us your full name as well as your company name.

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