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Cybersecurity & Technology Advisory


In the age of technology, Cybersecurity and counter-malicious hacking become a key area of defence in today’s businesses. We provide Cybersecurity support to our clients during peace time and/or following an unfortunate hacking incident.

Our Cybersecurity and Technology Advisory Services are designed to assist organisations in managing cybercrime incidents, detecting IP infringement and minimising business risks. Hence, enabling organisations to optimise the return of investment in IT spent, build stronger IT capabilities, and enhance the overall business performance within the company.

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Information Security Controls Assessment

• Design internal control based on globally- accepted frameworks such as ITIL, ISO 27000 series and COBIT
• Ensure adequate protection of IT systems
• Reduce risk of data loss or leakage, service disruption and poor management of IT systems


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

• Simulate actual cyber-attacks to provide a detailed view of cyber security threats
• Protect systems and data from malicious attacks
• Comply with industry standards and regulations


Personal Data Compliance Management

• Assist organisations to understand the overall  impact of Personal Data Protection legislations
• Ensure efficient performance of personal data  protection practice and effective compliance to the Act


PCI-DSS Compliance Assessment

• Pre-compliance gap analysis to establish a baseline level of compliance and to address  areas of non-compliance
• Network vulnerability scans to ensure ongoing  protection from cyber threats and to meet annual  PCI-DSS compliance requirements
• Penetration tests to ensure protection of card holders’ data against potential exploitation by  internal or external hackers
• Remediation services to ensure that all  deviations from PCI-DSS requirements are  properly remediated and/or compensating  controls are designed to mitigate risks


Software Asset Management

• Develop and implement software asset management processes
• Achieve recordable licensing compliance and  avoid risks of unintentional non-compliance
• Take inventory of computer usage, network  devices, hardware and software installation  and licenses


Licensing and Royalty Compliance

• Assist IP owners to detect revenue leakage resulted from  non-compliance
• Conduct on-site audits or review on  licensing/royalty/vendor agreement compliance
• Design and implement software license compliance programmes
• Identify software license infringement incidents
• Assist to close the compliance gap


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