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Nexia Pulse Quarter 4 2016

Singapore REITs: The Journey Thus Far

Learn more about the role of foreign property assets in Singapore REITs and the differences between REITs and real property investments. In addition, this article shines some insights into the investment conditions and outlook of the REIT sector.

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Overview of Malaysia

As one of Asia Pacific’s FDI hotspots, inbound investments from both Singapore and other parts of the world continue to steer the business landscape in Malaysia.

Get a brief overview of Malaysia through this infographic snapshot.

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Defining Your Business Strategy

Strategy might come across as a frequently-used term in today’s business environment. Get broader perspectives on its construct, application to counter competition and in growing the business. On top of that, find out more on the different types of strategic positioning that drives the sustainability with a competitive advantage.

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Online Tax Savings Calculator

Recognising that businesses have an impact on society, this year, Nexia TS embarked on a new direction to pursue CSR on a broader scale which will bring greater philanthropic benefits to the Singapore community in its implementation. Thus, the idea of an easily accessible online tax savings computation tool was introduced.

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