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Nexia Pulse Quarter 2 2016 issue

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Executive Feature: Adrian Leong (PappaRich Group Singapore Pte Ltd)

Founded by Rich Tan, PappaRich is a popular Malaysian restaurant chain that services authentic Malaysian cuisine. With 6 outlets in Singapore, Adrian Leong shares his leadership experience as the General Manager of the PappaRich Group.

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The Common Reporting Standard: A World without Secrets

With the current controversy over the impact of FATCA, a new global FATCA-style information exchange initiative called the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is being drawn up by the OECD. Learn more about what CRS is and why now.

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Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures in China: Side-Stepping the Pitfalls

Foreign investors looking to enter China are often confronted with the wide array of divided opinions. Many joint ventures fail to endure due to unforseen circumstances. Find out how a foreign party in a joint venture can avoid the fate of so many of its predecessors.

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Sustainability Reporting: A New Requirement for Listed Companies

The core benefits of sustainability reporting are good corporate governance and improved stakeholder communications which will strengthen their confidence and create long term value by progressive management. This article delves into the reporting guidelines set by SGX.

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