Forensic and Litigation Support Services

Forensic and Litigation Support Services

The intense competition in the business world, incessant pressure to deliver better financial results, individual greed and the pursuit after exorbitant lifestyles, have all contributed to increased fraud, in terms of scale and occurrence, threatening the stability and sustainability of any business.


Steered by experienced hands in the arena of Forensic & Litigation Support Services, Nexia TS and our partner, Smith & Williamson, is well-positioned to provide the most cost-effective services, including the preservation and collection of information from multi-dimensional sources and related investigation and dispute resolution services to serve your investigation, arbitration and litigation needs.

    Fraud Investigation

    We have a dedicated team of trained auditors and investigators specialising in fraud investigation. The team has experience in investigating fraud cases across different industries and countries.

    Our investigative approach is dynamic and thorough. We always approach a case in phases.

    Forensic Accounting

    Accounting fraud is a deliberate manipulation of accounting records to create a false impression of financial performance or position.

    Examples of Accounting Fraud are:

    • Omission of liabilities
    • Non-disclosure of risky investments (off balance sheet items)
    • Forensic data analytics
    • Systematic over statement of revenue or under statement of losses
    • Under statement of expenses (capitalising expense)

    We have a team of qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants (CA) who can be mobilised and deployed locally or regionally within 48 hours.

    Forensic Technology

    More frauds are committed through electronic devices/channels such as computer, mobile phone, social media and etc. However, most people do not realise that everything they do on computers leave a trace - Internet history, instant messaging chat logs, deleted emails and documents, just to name a few.

    We have a team of Certified EnCase® Examiners (EnCE), security analyst and experienced forensic investigators that provides technically-focused and cost effective solutions to identify and preserve data for forensic investigation and litigation via the following services:

    • Computer forensic services
    • Cyber fraud and hacking investigations
    • e-Discovery and e-Disclosures
    • Forensic data analytics
    • Forensic technology products sales and support

    Click here to find out more about our Forensic Technology Services.

    Due Diligence

    Knowing who we deal with is essential in any business dealings. That someone you plan to engage may be a fraudster, criminal or sanction person/company in a country or globally.

    Our due diligence service is based on trusted sources. We provide the following forms of screening:

    • Pre-acquisition screening
    • Pre-employment screening
    • Company profile screening
    • Individual profile screening

    Scope of screening, customised to clients’ need and subjected to local privacy law, extend to areas such as embargo, sanction, financial, reference check, past history, criminal records etc.

    Vendor Management Audit

    Knowing how your business partners are performing is essential. For example, “Are they cheating on me?”, “Are they compliant with my contracted terms?”, “Are they breaking the law?”. These are key areas of concern in a partnership.

    We have a team of Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) to provide vendor management audit at your partner’s site to investigate if they are pricing you unreasonably and compliant with the contract terms agreed by both parties. Such arrangement can be ad-hoc or recurring, depending on the Scope of Work (SOW) our clients wish us to embark on.

    Compliance Risk Management

    Most non-compliance cases happen internally and these are a result of lack of internal controls and management review within the company.

    Through our numerous engagements across industries and countries, we are experienced in identifying controls deficiency and preventing fraud. We help clients, through Processes Review, to identify key risks and integrate the necessary controls into easy to understand/manage workflows for their business.

    Antitrust Compliance Monitoring

    Nexia TS and Smith & Williamson’s specialist Monitoring Trustee services team act as Independent Auditor (Monitoring Trustee) on remedies arising out of mergers and antitrust investigations. Our teams from Singapore and UK have acted on behalf of the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS), European Commission (EC) and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), and have worked with corporates across a broad range of industry sectors.

    In 2014, Nexia TS and Smith & Williamson were appointed as the Independent Auditor to monitor Divestiture and Behavioural Commitments given to CCS in Singapore in relation to a merger of two major players in the online recruitment industry. We have also met with China’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau (MOFCOM) and are familiar with MOFCOM’s merger clearance procedures.

    Expert Witness & Litigation Support

    We act as quantum expert on claims needing financial analysis, assessment of damages, valuation or quantification of loss.

    Our experts have acted on disputes involving many sectors across multiple jurisdictions and have access to major international resources through our membership of Nexia International.

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Key Contacts

Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation & Litigation Support:

Mr Low See Lien
Director, Assurance

Mr Doug Hall
Commercial Disputes & International Arbitration
Head of Forensic Services
at Smith & Williamson LLP

Mr David Alexander
Fraud & Financial Crime Investigations
– Forensic Services
Smith & Williamson LLP


Forensic Technology & Litigation Support:
Mr Darwin Thio Associate Director, Forensic 
& Litigation Support


Antitrust Compliance Monitoring:
Mr Darwin Thio Associate Director, Forensic 
& Litigation Support

Mr Nasoul Gopal
Team Leader for Monitoring Trustee Services
Competition and Antitrust
Services Smith & Williamson LLP

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