Financial Advisory, Insolvency and Restructuring

Financial Advisory, Insolvency and Restructuring

In a dynamic world of today, businesses’ fortunes come and go by the minute. It is quite common and easy for companies to run into financial difficulties at some point in their life cycle. These difficulties can generally be resolved if they are identified early on and tackled with swift and decisive actions.

Our Experienced Team

At Nexia TS, our experienced team provides a full suite of services ranging from turnaround to insolvency. With access to a global network of independent member firms, we can help our clients resolve issues that go beyond our shores.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Financial review and restructuring
  • Exit strategy and implementation
  • Special and/or monitoring accountants
  • Voluntary and compulsory liquidations
  • Corporate and court receiverships
  • Judicial management
  • Lender's agent
  • Asset disposal management
  • Corporate and individual voluntary arrangements (‘IVO’) / schemes of arrangement
  • Trustee in bankruptcy

Our Services

Key Contacts

Mr Chan Yee Hong
Director, Forensic
Accounting & Insolvency

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