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Nexia Pulse Quarter 1 2017 issue

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Antidote to Economic Downturn

2017 appears set to be a unique and distinctive year on a number of fronts. Potential opportunities contrast sharply against the backdrop of an uncertain and challenging global economic environment. Not since the 1930s has such a combination of falling growth, increasing pessimism and the looming spectre of economic protectionism cast such a pall on the global outlook.

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Overview of China

China is a rapidly growing consumer market with more companies throughout the world looking for ways to enter.

Get a brief overview of China through this infographic snapshot.

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New Transfer Pricing Reporting Requirements in Singapore

In view of the recently announced new reporting measures which will commence during the 2018 tax year, we will discuss the requirements taxpayers have to report on related party transactions as well as the minimum standards under the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting framework.

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Companies (Amendment) Act 2017
Limited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) 2017

The Singapore Parliament has recently passed the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 and Limited Liability Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2017 to ensure that Singapore’s corporate regulatory governance system remains robust. Learn more about the regulations in this summary article.

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